Neon Vodka

Stir up a Good Cause with Neon Vodka and the Vernon Jubilee Hospital’s Light a Bulb Campaign

The Light a Bulb campaign is put on every holiday season by the Vernon Jubilee Hospital. The purpose of the foundation is to raise money
for new hospital equipment and technologies in an ever-changing world where medicine is always fast progressing.

In a world full of recognizable icons, it was important in the design of this bottle to create something  that consumers would associate with the
hospital’s foundation, thus three unique character icons were created symbolic of the most vital practitioners at the Vernon Jubilee Hospital:
nurses, doctors and surgeons.

In collaboration with the Vernon Jubilee Hospital, Neon Vodka has created a new and memorable line of Vodka. With twenty five percent of
proceeds being donated to the foundation, consumers can feel good about all those parties this holiday season.

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